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    Current Projects:
  • Christmas Release: HiColor Slideshow Builder download (windows binaries, runs under wine, too). Package of software to create slideshows for the lynx. You just need pictures. Music can be created with chipper (included). Optional is a boot logo picture. The software package will more or less automatically convert the pictures, pack the files and put everything together into a full 512kb ROM image. It can then be written to EEPROM/Flash cartridges or tested in an emulation (mednafen, handy; HiColor cannot be emulated thus this is really only for testing).
    Development tools:
  • Update on Hicolor converter, binary only, need file from basic packages download.
  • Lynx Chip Editor (beta v1.7.6). download (complete package; windows binary but works fine with wine on linux, too). Cross platform minimal tracker including two drivers for the actual hardware. Useful for simple chip effects for games, too. Emulates handy sound chip on PC. In addition a Lynx executeable and image can be created for tracker and sound effects. It can then be run in an full emulation (mednafen, handy), sent to the Lynx by BLL cable or written to EEPROM/Flash cartridges. Tracker player code (lyxass asm) included. Examples see below. Effect player code (C and asm) on request. small howto video
  • Free Lynx Boot Rom replacement (beta version) download. Replacement which skips the decryption process and title picture, and directly start the main code (much faster, good for development!!!). Seems to work with 99% of the roms and at least with handy, mednafen and LX's c# conversion (even so the emulator might complain about the rom).
  • Handy Utils V6 (for processing lnx ROMs) download source. Originally from the handy package, but now including my private patches for handling AUDIN switchable ROMs.
  • newcc65 c compiler download source. newcc65 from the BLL kit, but including my private patches. download windows binaries
  • LyxAss Lynx Assembler download source. lyxass from the BLL kit, but including my private patches. NEW: Fixes for 64 bit, clang, etc.
  • LyxAss Lynx Assembler Lib download source. Lynx library functions: macros, vardefs and code including my private patches.
  • Lynxdir ROM Cartridge Creator download source. A replacement for lynxer with many many more features (different blocksizes, directory format, etc). Version 1.9.1, last updated 09.09.2017.
  • PUCrunch Lynx conversion download source. A packer from the C64 platform. Unpacker code for lyxass included.
  • Example source: Chipper player in cc65 (new version) download source. This version includes the BRK command. (previous version without BRK: download source)
  • Example source: Chipper player in newcc65 (actually that is the older one) download source (needs some bugfixes/patches in cc65/ra65, see top of page). This version includes the BRK command. (previous version without BRK: download source)
  • Lynx Mod Converter (Windows version of Duraniks code). download (windows binary, runs under wine, too). Converts 4ch MOD files to a format which Duraniks Lynx MOD player can understand. In addition a Lynx executeable is created and can be sent to the Lynx by BLL cable. Player code (C and asm) on request.
  • Example source: Mod player as binary blob in newcc65 download source.
  • EEPROM (93c46-c86) test program download test binary.
    Finshed Projects:
  • HiColor Engine (used in slideshow and games) Examples
  • CGE Slideshow click
  • MultiPong 1k (Minigame Competition 2002) download source and binary.
  • Lynx Reloaded demo (EIL 2003) click
  • Lynx Reloaded - Cartridge click
  • Push Around The World (Lynx Game Contest) click
    Unfinished Projects and Previews:
  • nonameyet - a dice game preview
  • Push Around The World - Cartridge
  • Pong4Fun, Multibrique Clone using HiColor Engine
  • Bunion Canyon Clone
  • Dynabusters Clone
  • Download some old, unfinished releases here
  • Lynx Extended Sound Engine
  • Lynx Programming For Dummies Preview
    Old example sources:
  • Example source: menu to load multiple games from a cartridge
  • Example source: slideshow, load and show BMP from a cartridge
  • Example source: HBL raster in C raster.c
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