EOTB: Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder Hack:
Nowadays, there are two ROM version of EOTB around. The reason was some malfunctioning EEPROM used on a prototype board. EOTB uses an EEPROM for saving game states. This EEPROM is accessible like a memory (in contrast to the ones used in BLL type games). But, writing is slow. To time the writing, an handshake mechanism on the AUDIN pin is used. As this was not working on our prototype board, I was investigating the problem, and came up with a solution to replace the handshake by some timer. The hard thing actually was to hack it such, that the code size stays the same as it was unclear if increasing the binary size would have some side effects.
Consequences of the hack:
The writing is a bit slower than with the handshake.
The saving to memory works in the emulators. You have to add an empty second bank to your LNX file to make use of it.
Original code:
	STA L07AD	; $077D> 8D AD07:
	LDA AUDIN	; $0780> AD 86FD: $fd86 
	BPL L0780	; *-3	; $0783> 10 FB:
	BRA L078A	; *+5	; $0785> 80 03:
	STA L07AD	; $0787> 8D AD07:
My code:
	LDY TIMER2+TIM_CNT	; $077D> AC 0AFD: $fd0a 
	BNE L077D	; *-3	; $0780> D0 FB:
	LDY TIMER2+TIM_CNT	; $0782> AC 0AFD:$fd0a 
	BEQ L0782	; *-3	; $0785> F0 FB:
	STA L07AD	; $0787> 8D AD07: