Lynx Reloaded - Special Editon

Lynx Reloaded - Special Editon:
For the aniversity of the Lynx release date, I was asked for a Special Editon of Lynx Reloaded. Now, it was really hard to change anything on the cartridge as there were only two bytes left free of 128kb! Note that the content of the cartridge is already packed. Thus even adding some special editon text to the boot logo was impossible. But: The original release was using the BLL type troyan horse cartridge loader, which is 1040 bytes. Now I replaced the loader by an hacked loader only 410 bytes. That allowed me to change the title picture without changing anything on the cartridge beside the loader space. Now you might ask, how did I do the title picture in that less space. The trick here is that it is not a (single) picture! If you check the content of the cartridge, you will see that there are only two pictures, the Lynx Reloaded logo and the Special Editon text. From these two pictures, the whole screen is rendered by the sprite engine, thus every flipped and scaled logo is in fact the same sprite, just chained with different flip-flags set. Actually, this was already done in 2010, but I was too lazy to release it (making labels, packages etc).