Push Around The World

(c) Björn Spruck 2001-2005

Legal notice:


This is another Sokoban clone. The goal is to push all the boxes onto the markers. You can only push one box (because your smily is not strong enough to push two of them). Pulling is also not possible. Hint: Most of the levels have two hard parts. One is the first move, the second how to push the last boxes on the markers.


After turning the Lynx on, there is first the logo picture and then a small intro visible (and hearable). Pressing button leds You to the main menu. Here you can select the levelset you want to play. Move the arrow with up/down/left/right to the desired continent and press a button to start. If you press option 1 you are allowed to enter a code to start at an already reached position. Change the code with up/down and left/right. Press a button to start or Option 1 to go back to the levelset selector. There are around 450 levels... so have fun playing them all. Different levelset have different difficulty. Ah yes. Dont forget to look for "Atlantis". This is the not so obvious nineth levelsset. ;-)


Move the smily with up/down/left/right. To view the nice background pic without level, press pause. Press pause again to continue playing. Press Option 1 to get to a small option-screen. It allows you to return to the menu, restart the actual level or skip it. After finishing a level, a small screen with the move/push count and needed time is shown. the code for the played and the next level are displayed also. Well, the EEprom is to small for all the scores, so you might use paper and pencil to save your scores for future generations.


The game is using the HiColor engine which i devloped some time ago. This means the backgroudn pics plus the level grafix use up to 256 colors. Every levelset uses a different background. For some big levels the lynx is to slow for the hicolor stuff. The engine switches back to 16 colors then. The 4096 color mode is not used, because it uses to much RAM and ROM space. There is no in-game sound at the moment. The sample player is included, but i do not have enough time to look for some (small) samples. There is even enough space left. The game consist of 9 highcolor pics plus some normal 16 color pictures. The menu is using "rasterinterupts" for displaying more than 16 colors. The intro is using a digital MOD soundtrack.


Well, yes, there are enough of them. If you find one, you are allowed to keep it.

Some Screenshots: